ECObreeze Triple-Action Air Hygiene System

ECOBreeze is a unique triple-action air hygiene system that filters, cleans, and fragrances the air. Stale air is pulled through a dust filter to remove physical particulates in the air and is then passed through an activated carbon filter to remove malodorous airborne particles. The clean air then flows over a perfumed wick delivering a fresh and vibrant fragrance.


Air fresheners normally only either clean, filter or fragrance the air. ECOBreeze does all three at once to give you a complete aircare solution in one package.

  • Dust filter removes physical airborne impurities
  • Activated carbon filter destroys odour particles
  • Clean air then passes over a fragranced wick
  • Environmentally friendly unit and consumables
  • Capacity: 80ml fragrance bottle
  • Dimensions: H 220mm x W 180mm x D 50mm
  • Weight: 660g excluding fragrance and filter
    830g including fragrance and filter
  • Finishes: White or Silver


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