Hilton Hygiene Services

We are a fast-growing independent washroom services company working for businesses across the UK. Our success is down to providing a tailored hygiene service, being highly reliable and always, always delivering the best value for money. Our customers don’t stay with us because they’re tied in to lengthy, unwieldy contracts. They stay because we earn their trust and then work extremely hard to keep it.

If you’re short of time, we can provide a quick quote for comparison purposes. Alternatively, we can visit your premises to provide a free review of your washroom equipment, needs and costs.

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What we do

Our service incorporates every aspect of washroom care. From high quality washroom equipment to rent and buy through to consumables and vending products, we’re well-known for offering a wide choice to suit any budget and taste. We also offer a complete installation and maintenance service, visiting customer premises on a regular basis to remove sanitary waste, top-up consumables and ensure the washroom remains in good working order.

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What we do

Our aim is simple – to help our clients maintain staff and customer hygiene by providing high quality washroom services. We offer one of the widest ranges of business washroom equipment as well as a full complement of consumables. We also carry out installation, service and maintenance of all equipment and consumables, working flexibly at times that suit you, not us.

  • Washroom equipment installation

    We deliver and install all washroom equipment you buy or rent from us. The service includes all items requiring a professional electrician or plumber through to the fitting of toilet roll holders and wall-mounted soap dispensers. You can rely on us to work efficiently and tidily, ensuring everything is correctly positioned and fitted within your washroom.
  • Washroom equipment servicing

    Service visits are usually carried out on a monthly basis, although we can visit more frequently if required. During these service visits we will ensure all your equipment is fully functioning. Plus we’ll replenish all consumables such as soaps and hand towels and remove nappy and feminine hygiene waste.
  • How we work

    What’s different about our washroom servicing is that our approach is highly flexible and tailored around you. That means you know you can rely on us to deliver on our promises – if we say we’re going to visit on a particular day, we’ll be there. What’s more, we’re able to step in if you need out-of-hours visits, if there’s an emergency, or you simply need extra support on an ad hoc basis. This is particularly helpful for clients who have surges in visitor numbers at particular times of the year.
    With our reliable, proactive service and automated reporting system, we’ll remove the burden of ensuring your washrooms remain in good working order at all times.